About Me

  • Full Name:Devanshu Brahmbhatt
  • Email:devanshu.vguj@gmail.com
  • Resume: Devanshu_Resume

Hello There!

As a highly motivated and solution-oriented software engineer, I am currently pursuing my Master of Science in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington. I am also a research assistant at the Wireless and Sensor Systems Lab (WSSL), where I am working on cutting-edge research in Quantum Computing.

I completed my IT Engineering degree at Dharmsinh Desai University in 2021, with a focus on learning and knowledge acquisition. My passion for entrepreneurship and technology has led me to excel in challenging environments, where I am driven by determination, passion and creativity.

With 1.5+ years of experience as a software engineer at Rakuten, a Japanese MNC, I am well-versed in the software development life-cycle and have experience managing end-to-end projects from concept to delivery. I am experienced in creating innovative software solutions that enhance business productivity.

In addition to my technical skills, I am an effective communicator and enjoy public speaking and discussing ideas with entrepreneurs. I have experience working on startups and have even started my own. My goal is to achieve excellence in computer science by solving real-world problems and coding challenges, and my mantra is "If you decide you can."

My Career Summary

  • Work Experience

  • Graduate Research Assistant

    The University of Texas at Arlington - 2022-December - Current

    1. I am currently researching Quantum Computing algorithms and their implementation on the "Qubic" system, developed at UC Berkeley.

    2. I am gaining practical experience working in a university research lab environment at the University of Texas Arlington, in the Wireless and Sensor Systems Lab (WSSL).

    3. I am working closely with UC Berkeley researchers and am doing my thesis under the guidance of Professor VP Nguyen. I was also awarded an in-state tuition scholarship for this Research Assistant position.

  • Software Engineer 1

    Rakuten Group, Inc - 2022-Jan - 2022-Aug

    1. As a Software Engineer 1 at Rakuten, I worked on complex and large-scale micorservice systems for the company's Energy Team, specifically on the popular products Denki and Rakuten GAS in Japan.

    2. I collaborated effectively with the Japan-based team to deliver multiple features within the agreed upon timeline.

    3. I developed modules for the Rakuten Gas system using Spring Boot and Laravel Framework, utilizing my experience in the full software development life cycle including requirement gathering, design documentation, coding (backend and frontend), and unit testing. Additionally, I used technologies such as Bitbucket, Docker, and Kubernetes to deploy code on Dev, STG, and production environments.

  • Associate Software Engineer

    Rakuten Group, Inc - 2021-May - 2021-Dec

    1. As an Associate Software Engineer 1 at Rakuten, I worked with passion and dedication to design and develop a highly scalable Content Management System (CMS) microservice using Spring Boot for the Rakuten App Store team.

    2. I contributed to the team by promoting Test-Driven Development by writing unit tests using PHPUnit, which helped to improve the overall quality of the codebase.

    3. I was able to effectively maintain, debug, and work on legacy code to match new requirements, and was promoted to Software Engineer 1 within 7 months based on my performance. Additionally, I provided external support to the Rakuten App Store team while working in the Rakuten Energy team.

  • Technical Intern

    Rakuten Group, Inc - 2020-Nov - 2021-May

    1. As a Technical Intern at Rakuten, I was solely responsible for designing, developing, and testing APIs in Spring Boot for a product that was used to create test data for software testing purposes.

    2. I demonstrated my skills and determination by building a prototype for the IOS mobile application for the Denki web application, one of Rakuten Japan's major products. I taught myself IOS and Swift language from scratch and implemented complex concepts such as threading to complete the project and demoed it to stakeholders within 3 months.

    3. I organized and completed feature developments, including functional and unit testing, using the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) technique. My hard work and dedication paid off when I received a full-time position after the completion of my 6 months Internship.

  • DSC Lead

    DSC(Developer Student Club) - 2020-Aug - 2021-May

    1. As a Lead of the Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) program, I was part of a grassroots channel that provides development skills for college students.

    2. I demonstrated my leadership skills by leading a team of 30 members and organizing events to cultivate the development culture within my college community.

    3. I established a channel to bring together curious and bright peers who wanted to learn and grow together, which resulted in over 20 events in the pandemic and sessions in different technical domains that impacted over 480+ students.

    4. I also showcased my initiative and out-of-box thinking by building a project for open-source contribution using VueJS and NodeJS, and sharing my knowledge with students through seminars and workshops, including topics such as PWA (Progressive Web Apps) and GraphQL.

  • Full Stack Engineer Intern

    Tailbuds - 2020-May - 2020-July

    1. As a Full Stack Engineer Intern at Tailbuds, a start-up focused on dog care and accessories, I gained valuable experience working closely with the founder on product development.

    2. I was responsible for coding the website and also played a role in product design, feature finalization, timeline management and market research.

    3. I gained experience working with technologies such as NodeJs, ExpressJs, Angular, MySQL, and Ionic5, and was able to create CRUD API for DB interaction for complex schema and worked in AGILE process and CICD. I was also part of the product design, feature finalization, timeline and market research which gave me overall product development experience.

  • Coordinator

    IETE - 2019- June - 2021-May

    1. I was a Committee Member of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) at my university, which is a leading recognized professional society in India dedicated to the advancement of science, technology, electronics, telecommunication and information technology.

    2.As a Committee Member, I was responsible for establishing the process for the club and expanding the team within the department.

    3. My focus was to provide industrial knowledge to students by organizing expert seminars with various companies such as Mastercard and Incapsulate Ahmedabad, gathering information on technologies and representing them in front of students, planning and managing expert seminars, events, and workshops, and coordinating with team members and university authorities to ensure smooth operations.

  • Co-Founder

    Slyro - 2019-May - 2019-Dec

    1. I was a co-founder of the startup Slyro, whose core idea was to provide free PG (rental) advertisement to give students in our area more options, instead of depending on real estate brokers.

    2. Our strategy included analyzing the market and identifying a need for a service like ours, and we successfully developed and launched Slyro using Django and Materialize CSS.

    3. In the short time that we operated, we were able to register more than 50 houses with all necessary information, and reach more than 500 users.

    4. Our goal was to provide an easy and reliable way for people to find the best PG options in their city using Slyro.

  • Web-Developer

    Malgadi - 2018- Dec - 2019-Dec

    1. I joined Malgadi, a student-run venture, during my 4th semester, providing me with my first experience in the startup ecosystem and helping me discover my passion for computer science and entrepreneurship.

    2. I was responsible for maintaining the admin part of the website, which helped me to improve my skills in website development.

    3. I worked on PHP and Google Analytics to improve the performance of the website and to learn more about website analytics, which helped me to understand how to measure website performance and identify areas for improvement.

  • Education

  • Master of Computer Science (MSCS)

    The University of Texas at Arlington - 2022 - 2024

    1. I am currently pursuing my MS thesis in Computer Science at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA), a Tier 1 research institute of Texas.

    2. I have secured a Research Assistant (RA) position, allowing me to gain hands-on experience in my focus areas of Algorithm Theory and Software Engineering.

    3. My ultimate goal is to achieve excellence in computer science, and I am off to a great start with a 3.7/4 GPA in my first semester.

    4. UTA is a well-regarded institution and I am excited for the opportunity to further my education and conduct research at this esteemed university..

  • B.Tech Engineering

    Dharmsinh Desai University - 2017 - 2021

    1. I am a highly dedicated and motivated student, having completed my B.Tech in IT Engineering from Dharmsinh Desai University with a CPI of 8.11/10.

    2. I gained valuable experience through 2 internships and was actively involved in more than 5 clubs, holding leadership positions in 3 of them.

    3. During my time at Dharmsinh Desai University, I actively participated in various projects and hackathons, and one of my projects was recognized at a department level.

    4. I received a recommendation from the Head of the Department for pursuing higher studies in the US, which further demonstrates my capabilities and potential.


Software Engineering

I have a deep passion for software engineering and enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems through coding. I find motivation in the ability to turn my imagination into reality and the potential to positively impact the world through technology.


Entrepreneurship is all about having the mindset to persevere and strive for success. I believe in turning obstacles into opportunities and making my ideas a reality. My mantra is that "Persistence beats everything" and I strive to make my ideas my life's mission.

Public Speaking

I have a strong passion for public speaking, and my love for discussing ideas with interesting people. I believe that communication plays a significant role in success, and my skills in conveying my thoughts in a convincing manner have been instrumental in my development.


Software Engineering
Data Structure
& Algorithms



Successfully implemented and tested a prototype Edge-Computing Device for identifying defects on production lines using Google AutoML Vision API, resulting in a 96% accuracy rate.
Utilized Google Cloud Storage to store and manage the dataset used for training the model, with the goal of building an end-to-end system for real-time error detection on the production line without relying on cloud processing.


I Developed Audify, an employee-client management software that utilizes chatbots to automate business processes and improve overall organizational efficiency.
Designed intents in Google Dialogflow to manage daily tasks such as scheduling meetings, assigning work, and monitoring task progress, resulting in an estimated time savings of 30 minutes per employee per day.


Github has introduced a new feature allowing users to create a bio on their profile by creating a README.md file using gitread.me, a tool that converts JSON data into Markdown and automatically generates the file.

Build Portfolio

BuildPortfolio is a quick and easy way to create a professional portfolio. Using MEVN stack(Vue.js, Node.js, and MongoDB) with pre-designed templates and simple editing, a polished portfolio can be created in minutes with no need for customization.

Devanshu's Write

I used MEVN stack to develop a website during quarantine, where I expressed my thoughts through writing. The frontend is in Vue.js and the backend in Node.js.


Developed an Elasticsearch learning project, including the ELK stack and Elastic Stack. Utilized node setup to build a powerful search engine using main query coding techniques.


It is Docker Setup for any Node.Js and MongoDB application.


During the pandemic, I helped my community by developing a website that provides free delivery of essential items such as sanitizers and masks. I used PHP and integrated Paytm for secure payments. The website was developed in 5 days..


Developed a Q&A platform using Node.js, Express.js, Bootstrap, and Passport-google-OAuth for university students to ask and receive answers from the community.

High Stakes

Developed an open source platform for community contributions using Vue.js and Node.js with a REST API. Encourages awareness and participation in open source projects through pull requests and community engagement.


A Database Management System project for students, allowing them to download past exam papers and for faculties to upload study materials. Using a messaging API, students receive notifications for low attendance and can schedule appointments with faculties.


Slyro is a rental property advertising startup that I co-founded. We developed a website using Django and Materialize CSS to provide more options for renters.


A movie info application built with IMDB API and JavaScript, featuring a responsive design using Bootstrap. Users can search for movie information by title.


Developed a website for a solar panel cleaning company in Rajkot using Materialize CSS and PHP. The website helps the company promote its services and increase the performance of solar panels..


Bookmark your favorite websites.Utilize Browser's local-strorage for bookmarking with Javascript

Github Finder

I developed a website using GitHub API to display user profile information, including number of repositories and latest repository by searching for a specific GitHub user.