Tutorial on Earable Computing

@ACM MobiCom 2022

Program schedule is online here


This tutorial aims to bring together scientists, researchers, and engineers to discuss new problems and the latest accomplishments in earable research. The audience will gain knowledge about state-of-the-art technologies in earable computing presented by multiple leading researchers in the field. We will also discuss open research problems and challenges that need to be addressed to build practical and reliable earable computers. The audience will also have an opportunity to interact, program, and develop basic applications using Earable Inc.’s product.


Tutorial Organizers

The tutorial is organized by Prof. Tam Vu (University of Colorado Boulder, Founder & CEO, Earable Inc.), Prof. VP Nguyen (University of Texas at Arlington), and their graduate students. The organizers and invited lecturers are mobile/wearable researchers who have been active for many years in ear-based computing research. They are well placed to translate their experiences to the MobiCom community.

Other Information

Earable tutorial is a full-day workshop. Earable tutorial is a full-day workshop. Approximately half will be lectures and discussions; the remaining half will be Earable Inc.’s prototype demonstration and hands-on activities.

Important Dates

Workshop date: 10/17/2022
Location: InterContinental Sydney, Australia
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