1. Painometry: Wearable and Objective Quantification System for Acute Postoperative Pain, [PAPER]
    ACM MobiSys 2020 (34 out of 175 submissions, acceptance ratio: 19.4%).
    H. Truong, N. Bui, Z. Raghebi, M. Ceko, N. Pham, P. Nguyen, A. Nguyen, T. Kim, K. Siegfried, E. Stene, T. Tvrdy, L. Weinman, T. Payne, D. Burke, T. Dinh, S. D’Mello, F. Banaei-Kashani, T. Wager, P. Goldstein, and T. Vu

    2. WAKE: A Behind-the-ear Wearable System for Microsleep Detection, [PAPER]
    ACM MobiSys 2020 (34 out of 175 submissions, acceptance ratio: 19.4%).
    N. Pham, T. Dinh, Z. Raghebi, T. Kim, N. Bui, P. Nguyen, H. Truong, F. Banaei-Kashani, A. Halbower, T. Dinh, and T. Vu

    3. TYTH-Typing On Your Teeth: Tongue-Teeth Localization for Human-Computer Interface, [PAPER]
    ACM MobiSys 2018 (37 out of 138 submissions, acceptance ratio: 26.8%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Nam Bui, Anh Nguyen, Hoang Truong, Abhijit Suresh, Matthew Whitlock, Duy Pham, Thang Dinh, and Tam Vu

    4. CapBand: Battery-free Successive Capacitance Sensing Wristband for Hand Gesture Recognition, [PAPER]
    ACM SenSys 2018 (23 out of 147 submissions, acceptance ratio: 15.6%).
    Hoang Truong, Shuo Zhang, Ufuk Muncuk, Phuc Nguyen, Nam Bui, Anh Nguyen, Qin Lv, Kaushik Chowdhury, Thang Dinh, and Tam Vu -- Best Paper Award Nominee 2018

    5. Capacitive sensing 3D-printed Wristband for Enriched Hand Gesture Recognition, [PAPER]
    ACM MobiSys-WearSys 2017
    Hoang Truong, Phuc Nguyen, Anh Nguyen, Nam Bui and Tam Vu
    Best Senior Design Project in College in 2016.

    6. Body-Guided Communications: A Low-power, Highly-Confined Primitive to Track and Secure Every Touch, [PAPER]
    ACM MobiCom 2018 (47 out of 187 submissions, acceptance ratio: 22.5%).
    Viet Nguyen, Mohamed Ibrahim, Hoang Truong, Phuc Nguyen, Richard Howard, Marco Gruteser and Tam Vu

    7. Matthan: Drone Presence Detection by Identifying Physical Signatures in the Drone’s RF Communication, [PAPER]
    ACM MobiSys 2017 (34 out of 188 submissions, acceptance ratio: 18%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Hoang Truong, Mahesh Ravindranathan, Anh Nguyen, Richard Han, and Tam Vu
    ACM SIGMOBILE Research Highlights, 2017

    8. PhO2: Optical 3D printed elements and NIR/R light extraction techniques for phone-base blood oxygen level measurement, [PAPER]
    ACM SenSys 2017 (26 out of 151 submissions, acceptance ratio: 17.2%)
    Nam Bui, Anh Nguyen, Phuc Nguyen, Hoang Truong, Ashwin Ashok, Thang Dinh, Robin Deterding and Tam Vu
    Best Paper Award Nominee 2017; 2nd Prize ACM MobiCom 2017 App Contest.; S3 Best Paper Award, 2017

    9. Battery-Free Identification Token for Touch Sensing Devices, [PAPER]
    ACM SenSys 2016(21 out of 119 submissions, acceptance ratio: 17.6%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Ufuk Muncuk, Ashwin Ashok, Kaushik R Chowdhury, Marco Gruteser and Tam Vu
    Best CS Senior Design Project 2017.

    10. Continuous and Fine-grained Breathing Volume Monitoring from Afar Using Wireless Signals, [PAPER]
    IEEE INFOCOM 2016(300 out of 1644 submissions, acceptance ratio: 18.25%).
    Phuc Nguyen, Xinyu Zhang, Ann Halbower, and Tam Vu
    S3 Best Paper Award, 2016

    11. Thermal-Depth Fusion for Occluded Body Skeletal Posture Estimation, [PAPER]
    Shane Transue, Phuc Nguyen, Tam Vu and Min-Hyung Choi

    12. Real-time Tidal Volume Estimation using Iso-surface Reconstruction, [PAPER]
    Shane Transue, Phuc Nguyen, Tam Vu and Min-Hyung Choi